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Every day, we provide national and international transport and logistics services in the areas of car, bike, cargo, food, fresh, frigo and healthcare logistics – safely, flexibly and punctually.

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The Galliker Inside Film 2024

Founded in 1918, we have been based in Altishofen since 1980 - in addition to our head office, we operate 19 branches in six countries. The Galliker world offers a wide range of exciting corporate and professional worlds. Immerse yourself with us in the world of the family business Galliker - in our new Galliker Inside Film!

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We are continuously developing our range of services, focusing on the highest quality, sustainability and innovation. Our focus is on individual solutions and value-added services for our customers.

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Galliker Locations

Galliker Transport AG is a transport and logistics company with 19 locations in 6 countries. Within Switzerland, the combination of road and rail transport enables us to offer a 24-hour collection and delivery service.
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Altishofen Jona PerafitaPortugal Settimo TorineseItaly MelzoItalyGothenburgSweden BratislavaSlovakia GhentBelgium LiègeBelgium MessancyBelgiumGeneva Möhlin Conthey S. Antonino Pfungen Staad Landquart Aclens La Chaux-de-Fonds

Head office Altishofen

Kantonsstrasse 2
CH-6246 Altishofen

With direct access to the A2 highway and Gotthard railroad line, Altishofen is ideally located in terms of transportation.


Galliker Conthey

6, rte de l'industrie
CH-1964 Conthey

The branch in the mountain canton of Valais is predestined for local distribution and offers storage space in various temperature ranges.


Galliker Geneva

Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 10
CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates

The area between the cities of Geneva and Lausanne is one of the most important economic regions in Switzerland.


Galliker Landquart

Rossriedstrasse 2
CH-7302 Landquart

We have an efficient delivery platform in Landquart to supply customers in the valleys of Graubünden.


Galliker Jona

Buechstrasse 1
CH-8645 Jona

Located directly on Lake Zurich, our branch is predestined for the distribution of general cargo in the economic region of Zurich and St. Gallen.


Galliker La Chaux-de-Fonds

Rue Blaise-Cendrars 13
CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Chocolate and more from the Neuchâtel Jura. La Chaux-de-Fonds is in a strategically favorable location.


Galliker Möhlin

Bäumlimattstrasse 7
CH-4313 Möhlin

Thanks to its proximity to the border, it is the ideal location for handling deliveries from abroad as well as the distribution of fresh goods.


Galliker Pfungen

CH-8422 Pfungen

Our site in Pfungen near Winterthur offers our customers comprehensive logistics solutions.


Galliker Staad

Knotternstrasse 9
CH-9422 Staad SG

From the logistics center in Staad, we handle fine distribution within Eastern Switzerland.


Galliker S. Antonino

Via Industrie 5
CH-6592 San Antonino

Galliker is also represented in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland with a branch directly on the main A2 highway.


Galliker Aclens

1, rte de la Venoge
CH-1123 Aclens

Our logistics platform for French-speaking Switzerland is located not far from Lausanne. Galliker Aclens is the center for cosmetics logistics.


Galliker Melzo

Via A. Vespucci 22
I-20066 Melzo

Melzo is located to the east of Milan, in the economic center of Lombardy, directly on the city's outer ring road.


Galliker Settimo Torinese

Via E. De Nicola 23
I-10036 Settimo Torinese

Since 2013, we have been operating the efficient cross-docking platform near Turin for bundling general cargo shipments to the north.


Galliker Liège

Avenue du Parc Industriel
B-4041 Herstal (Milmort)

Founded in 1988, the Milmort site is located at an important transportation hub for our international shipments.


Galliker Ghent

Skaldenstraat 122
B-9042 Ghent

We bundle general cargo shipments to Scandinavia in Ghent. RoRo transport is an ecologically sensible transport solution.


Galliker Messancy

Rue de la Hart 20
B-6780 Messancy

In Messancy, Belgium, we offer our customers logistics services in the areas of storage and transportation in spacious facilities.


Galliker Gothenburg

Arendals Allé 5
S-41879 Gothenburg

The first Galliker trucks were on the road in Sweden as early as 1966. We have had our own branch in Gothenburg since 1989.


Galliker Perafita

Rua Silva Aroso, 1314
4455-559 Perafita

Velltrans, Lda. in Perafita has been part of the Galliker Group since July 2022. We operate our own distribution network for goods here.


Galliker Bratislava

Dialnicna cesta II/503
SK-90301 Senec / Bratislava

The progressive opening and growing markets in Eastern Europe prompted us to establish a branch in Slovakia in 2006.

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Stay informed about current events, exciting stories and the latest developments from our world of transportation and logistics.

First Volvo FH Electric in Portugal

First Volvo FH Electric in Portugal

On Monday, April 22, 2024, the first Volvo FH Electric, one of the first ever fully electric trucks in Portugal, will be delivered to Galliker Transport Lda.

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The largest Easter nest in Switzerland: Galliker A...

The largest Easter nest in Switzerland: Galliker Altishofen

For months, a brisk stream of around 600 temperature-controlled trucks travel to and from Altishofen - loaded with a total of more than 50,000 pallets of Easter products. The long lead time is the result of the high production volume, which the producers would not be able to handle in a shorter time. Production, transport, storage and customizing interlock like cogwheels to supply Swiss supermarkets, grocery stores and small delicatessens with chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs and other sweet temptations at Easter time. As a delicate cargo, the chocolate is not only transported at a controlled temperature, but is also stored in a product-specific manner and processed in customizing if required.

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Surseer Woche discovers the world of electric truc...

Surseer Woche discovers the world of electric trucks with Galliker

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Daniel Zumbühl (Surseer Woche) to Altishofen - he accompanied our driver Sebastian Meier on a tour with the electric truck: "E-mobility is about to conquer the transport and logistics industry. The company Galliker already has well over 30 electrically powered trucks in use. Sebastian Meier from Triengen is regularly on the road with them. This newspaper was recently allowed to accompany him."
You can read the full article in the PDF below.

Many thanks for the visit and the reporting!

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