Smooth customs clearance with Galliker Transport

At Galliker Transport, we take care of customs clearance for you as a customer in the context of international transportation. As the link between our customers and the customs authorities, we ensure smooth and compliant processing - for both the import and export of goods or vehicles.


Flexible customs clearance

As an authorized consignee and sender, we can act flexibly and process orders efficiently. This allows us to relieve our customers in their daily work processes and offer a comprehensive, reliable customs clearance service.

Verzollung Fahrzeuge-1354x914

Customs clearance of vehicles

The customs clearance of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles is also part of our portfolio, including the preparation of the required document 1320 for the subsequent redemption of the vehicles in Switzerland. With our expertise, we ensure that the customs clearance process is uncomplicated for you.


Additional services within the scope of customs clearance

Our scope of services also includes the archiving of customs documents to ensure complete documentation.