Training and further education at the Galliker Academy

We support and develop our employees in numerous specialist areas so that we don't lose touch in the fast-moving world of new technologies, digitalization and demands on people and the environment. Training and further education takes place at our Logistics Academy and the Driver Academy - the focus here is on the continuous development of employees and the promotion of talent.

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Galliker Driver Academy

Our driving school trains apprentices on an ongoing basis with its own instructors and supports Galliker Junior Drivers in their training as chauffeurs. In addition, all mandatory CZV courses can be completed in-house at our Driver Academy.

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Galliker Junior Drivers

We welcome interested young people who are enthusiastic about driving and would like to learn to drive a truck.

Our program includes:

  • Employment as a chauffeur / chauffeuse BE
  • Training in theory and practice Cat. C with full pay
  • After the C / CE exam, employment as a Galliker chauffeur
  • Training for the CZV licensing examination
  • The entire training is free of charge
  • In return: Commitment for 3 years as a Galliker chauffeur after passing the practical C test

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Galliker Logistics Academy

Experienced trainers take care of the training of our apprentices as well as the induction and further training of our logistics specialists. This is also where the threads of our e-learning platforms and the Galliker wiki knowledge platform come together. For suitable career changers, the part-time further training to become an EFZ logistics specialist is available. Find out here about this exciting opportunity for a new professional career.

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Galliker IT Academy

The Galliker IT Academy offers comprehensive further training opportunities that will help you on your individual career path. Our internal training focuses on teaching new solutions and technologies directly at the Academy. External training opportunities include study courses, workshops and specialized courses to ensure that you always have the latest knowledge and stay up to date.