Galliker Aclens: logistics hub in western Switzerland

Located not far from Lausanne, we serve our customers from our logistics location in Aclens with first-class logistics solutions in the areas of Cargo, Food, Frigo and Healthcare Logistics.

With 94 employees and a fleet of 39 vehicles, our branch in Aclens has the optimum infrastructure to meet all your logistics requirements. Our services range from storage, packing and packaging to the delivery of products of all kinds. We rely on the highest quality standards and reliability as well as state-of-the-art logistics process solutions such as pick-by-light picking. The GDP-certified healthcare warehouse is the basis for optimal hospital and pharmaceutical logistics.

Expansion of the Aclens site

The second logistics center, which will be ready for occupation in January 2026, will create an additional 18,000 square metres of logistics and storage space with a temperature range of 18 degrees Celsius for up to 17,400 pallets. At the same time, a showroom for new and used cars will be created in the new building for customers in the Car Logistics division for the purpose of handing over vehicles to corporate and private customers in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Green Logistics by Galliker

The new building is all about "Green Logistics by Galliker". In future, the Aclens site will produce around 2,000 MWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to the needs of 425 single-family homes. The electricity produced in-house will be used to power the electric vehicle fleet, among other things.

The rail connection to our site in Aclens ensures optimal last-mile delivery to customers in western Switzerland using a combination of road and rail.


Galliker Aclens

1, rte de la Venoge
CH-1123 Aclens

Our logistics platform for French-speaking Switzerland is located not far from Lausanne. Galliker Aclens is the center for cosmetics logistics.

Ready for occupancy in January 2026

Visualization Logistics Center 2

Visualization Logistics Center 2

Vacancies in Aclens