Galliker-Logistics base at the gateway to Eastern Europe

Since opening our location in Bratislava in 2006, we have established ourselves as a permanent fixture at the gateway to Eastern Europe. Ongoing development and the growing markets in Eastern Europe have prompted us to open our own branch in Slovakia. With our own warehouses in Senec, near Bratislava, we offer our customers the proven Galliker quality in East-West-East traffic. We are continuously expanding our vehicle fleet, which includes megaliners as well as car transporters.

The Galliker team in Bratislava, consisting of some of the 340 employees of Galliker International, is ready to meet individual logistics and transport requirements. Full and part load transports to Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy are just one part of our range of services - we also offer our customers warehousing in the area of cargo logistics for secure storage and efficient order picking of their goods. Our range of services in Eastern Europe is rounded off by our Car Logistics, which meets the highest requirements in the field of automobile transportation.


Galliker Bratislava

Dialnicna cesta II/503
SK-90301 Senec / Bratislava

The progressive opening and growing markets in Eastern Europe prompted us to establish a branch in Slovakia in 2006.

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