Logistics center in the "far north"

The first Galliker vehicles were on the road in Sweden as early as 1966 - we have had our own branch in Gothenburg since 1989 to meet the needs of our international customers. in2014, a modern, new logistics center was built at the existing location. 

In addition to the service that had previously been the focus, the delivery of trailers from the port of Gothenburg to destinations within Sweden, the new center will increasingly provide additional services (value-added services). Warehousing for customers, the rental of outdoor parking spaces for trucks and the washing of commercial vehicles complete the range of services offered by our Galliker site in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our transport services to and from Gothenburg include full and part load transports to Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and along the main axis to Italy. The distribution of goods in Sweden and the warehousing of Cargo Logistics loads complete the range of services.

Since 2015, we have also expanded our expertise in food logistics services in Sweden: Food Logistics and associated value-added services provide even more options in the individualization of our transport and logistics solutions for internationally active customers.


Galliker Gothenburg

Arendals Allé 5
S-41879 Gothenburg

The first Galliker trucks were on the road in Sweden as early as 1966. We have had our own branch in Gothenburg since 1989.

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