Logistics expertise in the Basel area

At the Galliker site in Möhlin, around 200 employees look after transport and logistics customers in the food, flower and parts logistics sectors on a daily basis. The 90,000 square meter site is the headquarters for over 100 vehicles which, in combination with the rail connection, make the 24-hour pick-up delivery service possible. The heart of the site in Möhlin is the 18,000 square meters of storage space in the logistics center 1- a new, second logistics center is currently under construction and will be put into operation at the end of 2024. A supercharger station for two electric trucks stationed in Möhlin rounds off the infrastructure of the Galliker site near the border triangle.

Broad range of expertise in Möhlin
The service areas of the Galliker branch in Möhlin mainly include food & flower logistics, and to a large extent also parts and cargo logistics. Healthcare and car logistics (GDP-certified healthcare warehouse) make up a smaller proportion. The Northwestern Switzerland distribution platform offers transport and storage for temperature-sensitive goods - Möhlin is also home to a team of customs specialists who take care of the correct handling of imports.

Closed temperature zones and night-time operations
The Basel branch's business focuses primarily on fresh products, which not only have to be kept constantly in closed temperature zones, but also have to be loaded, picked and transported onwards at tight intervals with little tolerance. The team at the Möhlin branch is on duty from 2.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. with the transportation and scheduling operations - everything to ensure that fruit, vegetables, cut flowers and plants, as well as other general cargo, are dispatched on time.

The rail connection to our site in Möhlin ensures optimum last-mile delivery to customers in a combination of road and rail.


Galliker Möhlin

Bäumlimattstrasse 7
CH-4313 Möhlin

Thanks to its proximity to the border, it is the ideal location for handling deliveries from abroad as well as the distribution of fresh goods.


Vacancies in Möhlin