The family business Galliker: Achieving great things together

Since its foundation in 1918, we have continuously built up and developed our company together with our employees. The small "haulage company" in Hofstatt has grown into a logistics company operating throughout Europe with 19 locations in 6 countries and its headquarters in Altishofen, Lucerne.


Family business
with tradition

Galliker Transport AG is still 100% family-owned today. The financial independence allows the traditional company to invest independently in the future of the company. "We don't think in quarters, we plan in generations" - today under the management of the third and fourth Galliker generations. Building on the knowledge and experience of existing long-serving employees, we rely on young talent and the passing on of know-how and skills in the interests of sustainability.

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Cleanliness and order

Whether it's the warehouse, office workplace or the condition of our vehicle fleet - cleanliness and order are more than just a requirement for us. Order leads to structured action and creates trust and security. Investments in the care and maintenance of infrastructure and vehicle fleet pay off and mean true sustainability.

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Communication at eye level

As a family-run company, our decision-making channels are short, which enables us to act efficiently and agilely, take advantage of opportunities and strengthen our team spirit. We maintain an open and fair relationship with our customers and value innovative and sustainable solutions, while our dealings with our employees and partners are always on an equal footing.

Our values

We are an innovative, attractive and far-sighted employer. Our working environment is worth living in, supportive and positively inspired. We want to achieve extraordinary goals together with ease and joy, create added value for all partners involved and achieve great things in all areas with care and awareness.

  • we are all on a first-name basis
  • treat each other with respect - with heart - supportive and helpful
  • have open doors at all levels
  • we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • we are down-to-earth, simple, correct
  • incomparable, original and extraordinary
  • uncomplicated, pragmatic, simple and reliable
  • organized, clean and tidy
  • we think holistically, consciously and balanced
  • strive for a better quality of life for everyone
  • we see ourselves as part of the "big picture"
  • we plan and think in generations
  • we create added value for our customers
  • think about an intact world of tomorrow
  • invest in new clean technologies and processes of the future
  • we are refreshing, progressive and courageous
  • go new and unusual ways
  • enjoy new things
  • anticipate and think far-sightedly

Mission statement and quality policy

With our guiding principle "Thinking logistics ahead", we want to lead the way and set the tone in the market thanks to committed employees, the best infrastructure, clean vehicles and constantly optimized processes.

Corporate mission statement

Code of conduct - practiced ethics

We want to behave in a trustworthy, correct, straightforward, honest and upright manner towards our employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and society and thus maintain the good reputation of our company. This is what the Galliker Code of Conduct stands for. We select our business partners according to the same criteria.

Code of conduct

Sustainability report

In the sustainability report, we present the specific measures we are taking to achieve our sustainability goals based on our core values. As a family-run, innovative transport and logistics company, we lead by example and want to achieve great things together with all our stakeholders in the long term.

Sustainability report