Quality for three generations

The family business Galliker has over 100 years of experience in transport and logistics. Four generations, economic changes and lasting innovations have turned Galliker Transport AG into a leading international transport and logistics company.

Galliker Geschichte Pferdefuhrhalterei-1344x1383


Horse-drawn cartage in Luthern Bad

The year is 1918: the first transportation orders are carried out with horse-drawn vehicles at Galliker. In addition to the transportation business, the family business also includes trading in timber and agricultural products - soon a garage business in Lucerne is added. With a great deal of pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial skill, company founders Josef and Alice Galliker-Bachmann successfully steer the company through the difficult times of the Great Depression and the years of the Second World War. After the early death of company founder Josef Galliker in 1958, Peter and Helene Galliker take over the transport company in 1962. At this time, the company had three employees and five vehicles.

Galliker Geschichte erste-internationale-Transport...


First international car transports

In the 1960s, a new era begins for the family business: a car transporter is added to the fleet of Galliker Transport AG. After just a short time, Galliker is on the road to Scandinavia on behalf of car and truck manufacturers. These first transports resulted in long-standing business relationships. They form the cornerstone of today's Galliker Car Logistics. During this time, the goods transportation business continued to develop in parallel with car transportation.

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Move from Hofstatt
to Altishofen

Due to the growing order situation and increasing international focus, the business premises in Hofstatt gradually become too small. For this reason, Peter and Helene Galliker decide to move from Hofstatt to Altishofen in 1980, which is ideally located in terms of transportation. With 90 employees at the time and a fleet of 75 vehicles, the company's current headquarters were established in Altishofen.


Expansion of logistics services

After the move to Altishofen, the new logistical possibilities were used and expanded: in 1981, Galliker Transport AG introduced the 24-hour general cargo pick-up and delivery service, and in 1986 the company started to take over warehouse logistics from customers - the first two new warehouse buildings, Warehouses 1 and 2, were built for this purpose. The established transport company became an all-round logistics service provider.


Food, vehicle and cargo logistics

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, the Galliker family, now with 950 employees, opened a new service sector: with the start of vehicle reconditioning and the opening of the PDI Center in 1996, the company was able to offer an all-round package for customers from the automotive sector. In addition, Logistics Center 1 was opened, a pioneering step in the expansion of Cargo Logistics. Important business contacts opened the door to a partnership with Coop, which enabled the company to greatly expand its food logistics services.

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AB 2000

Expansion of the national distribution network

The various areas that Galliker Transport AG now served in the transport and logistics sector continued to boost demand: Time to expand the Swiss-wide network. In the years from 2000 to 2010, 9 Swiss branches were opened in Rohrschach, Boussens, Cadenazzo, Landquart, Oensingen, Conthey, Möhlin, San Antonio and Aclens and numerous company-owned logistics centers were built - in addition, Galliker took over Imbach Logistik AG with 300 employees and around 60 vehicles in 2008.

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Generation change

in 2006, Peter and Helene Galliker hand over the company to the 3rd generation. The three siblings Peter Galliker, Rolf Galliker and Esther Studer continue to hold the operational reins of the company in their hands. The international network is expanded in these years with a new branch in Senec (SK). In 2008, Galliker takes over Imbach Logistik AG in Schachen. Imbach Logistik AG has been run as an independent subsidiary ever since.

Galliker Geschichte Niederlassung Staad-1630x1321


Anniversary & further expansion of the network

Despite the handover of management to the next generation, Helene and Peter Galliker remain active in the company and celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2012. In the same year, the Staad (SG) branch is opened - an important step for connections abroad. In the same year, the foundation stone was laid for the "Healthcare Logistics" division: A step that would be groundbreaking in just a few years.

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2013 & 2014

Under the sign of passenger cars

The years 2013 and 2014 were dominated by services for customers of the Car Logistic division: in 2013, the Car Center in Altishofen was put into operation to meet the demand for vehicle storage and preparation. Just under a year later, the branch in Sweden was opened - nothing stood in the way of the expansion of car transportation from the far north to Switzerland.

Galliker Dienstleistungen Übersicht


Expansion, conversion, new construction

In the years after 2015, Galliker Transport AG experienced a further upswing: new buildings at existing branches, the opening of new locations, the expansion of logistics centers and services as well as the acquisition of Jeanmaire Transport and Steiner / Stoll Transport AG set new standards in the family business Galliker.

Galliker Green Logistics Schlepper-Futuricum-Camio...


Green Logistics
by Galliker

Growth also means increasing responsibility: with "Green Logistics by Galliker", a sustainability strategy for which the foundation stone was laid in 2020, Galliker is taking responsibility for employees, for corporate actions and their impact on the environment and for the next generation. Visionary thinking and sustainable goals are what make up "Green Logistics by Galliker" - read more here.