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We ensure that 3500 employees and countless customers can do their work quickly, efficiently, reliably and safely every day. We achieve this through:

  • A powerful and highly motivated team
  • State-of-the-art hyperconverged infrastructure, sensibly supported by cloud-based applications
  • A passion for IT security
  • Continuous further development with consideration of leading edge technologies.

In Development, we focus on maintaining a robust software portfolio that makes our employees' daily workflows secure, efficient and user-friendly. This includes

  • Designing and developing applications for smartphones and web
  • Continuous improvement and optimization of existing software through code refactoring and performance analysis
  • Supporting the entire software lifecycle from development and deployment to maintenance

New requirements or technical problems arise time and again in everyday working life - thanks to a sophisticated ticket system and efficient processes in employee support, we ensure that solutions are found quickly and our tools are used effectively.

  • First point of contact for users
  • Handling hardware, software, network and communication problems
  • Maintenance and expansion of the modern IT infrastructure at workstations at all locations
  • Advice and implementation for the needs and new requirements of the workforce

Various applications, developed by our own Galliker development department and external providers, make our daily work around our diverse range of services easier. Customer connections to our applications are a very important component for communication and collaboration. We guarantee constant compliance with our security standards and user-oriented functionality:

  • Support and further development of the core applications in the areas of logistics, freight transportation and car logistics, as well as supporting applications in all areas
  • Coordination, implementation and introduction of customer connections
  • Operation of existing customer connections (error handling, clarifications)
  • Maintaining documentation to ensure daily operation

With self-developed dashboards, analyses and the active promotion of a data culture, we enable business operations to make data-driven decisions and optimize business processes:

  • Promoting a data-driven culture
  • Enabling new insights through suitable analysis tools
  • Further develop the data platform
  • Develop data pipelines

With an agile mindset, we work in a market-oriented manner and develop benefit-oriented solutions. This includes

  • Defining and living the product vision
  • Requirement engineering
  • Participation in product development and design
  • Stakeholder management