Auto Zürich: Over 200 vehicles for 26 Galliker customers

Over 200 vehicles found their way to Auto Zürich with Galliker Transport - we would like to thank our customers for their trust and the great cooperation!

Auto Zürich: Over 200 vehicles for 26 Galliker cus...

A lot has changed in the more than 35 years of Auto Zürich's existence - alternative drive systems in the vehicles on display and digitalization in the planning and implementation of the trade fair have made organizers and exhibitors innovative and flexible.

But one factor has remained unchanged to this day: The Swiss Mobility Fair is an annual highlight for Galliker and its customers in the automotive logistics sector. With the transportation of more than 200 vehicles for 26 different customers, we at Galliker Transport AG were able to contribute this year to ensuring that visitors could be inspired by innovations and legends during the days of the fair.

A large proportion of the exhibition vehicles underwent visual preparation at Galliker in Altishofen before they were transported to the fair.

Yesterday, Sunday, the trade fair closed its doors - which marked the start of the last chapter of the trade fair for us as a transport and logistics service provider on behalf of our customers: the vehicles found their way back to the customer or to our reconditioning facility, where they were prepared for their next use and onward transport.

An all-round service for importers and dealers, which provides relief in times of peak staffing levels. Less than 48 hours after the end of the trade fair, all the vehicles are back in their original place, or else professionally stored with us. And we remain with a big THANK YOU to our customers - for their trust and, as always, the great cooperation.

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Auto Zürich: Over 200 vehicles for 26 Galliker cus...

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Auto Zürich: Over 200 vehicles for 26 Galliker cus...

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Auto Zürich: Over 200 vehicles for 26 Galliker cus...

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