Ground-breaking ceremony for a new logistics center in Sant Antonino

15 years after the opening of the Galliker branch in the Ticino municipality of Sant'Antonino, the ground-breaking ceremony for the site's second logistics building took place on December 13, 2023. The new building will create an additional 7,700 square meters of logistics space in southern Switzerland - an essential step for the location, which acts as a hub on the north-south axis. The new logistics center is being built with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, in line with the values of the family-owned company Galliker.

Ground-breaking ceremony for a new logistics cente...

The opening of the "Centro Logistico 1" in 2007 was the starting signal for the development of Galliker Transport AG in southern Switzerland, especially in the Sopraceneri. The ground-breaking ceremony for the second logistics building at the Ticino site took place on 13 December - a step in the direction of economic development and social responsibility, explains CEO Peter Galliker: "After our first logistics center in southern Switzerland was very quickly well received, the demand for storage space in Switzerland has risen sharply. In order to meet this development, we will further strengthen our capacities in the canton of Ticino with an additional logistics center."

Beacon of innovation in construction and future use
The new logistics center, which complements the existing infrastructure, will expand the storage and distribution capacities of Galliker with state-of-the-art technology and innovative logistics solutions. For example, the building will be heated and cooled using renewable energy, with the necessary energy being generated from groundwater and photovoltaics. "This industrial center will be a beacon of innovation, a place where creative ideas are turned into tangible realities. It will be a benchmark for cutting-edge technology, sustainability and quality," explains Stefano Mohr, who has managed the Galliker branch in S. Antonino since it opened.

High-ranking guests at the ground-breaking ceremony
The ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of an ambitious construction project. Renowned guests from the worlds of politics and business are attending the event in Sant'Antonino - because the construction project is of great importance for the region, Stefano Mohr is convinced: "The benefits it will bring will be felt at all levels of our community. It will create jobs, promote training and professional growth and contribute to enriching the social fabric of our region."

With the ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion of the logistics center, the Galliker Group is once again underlining its commitment to further development, innovation and expertise in the field of transport and logistics.

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Ground-breaking ceremony for a new logistics cente...

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Ground-breaking ceremony for a new logistics cente...

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Ground-breaking ceremony for a new logistics cente...

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