Sustainable company vehicles underline green logistics strategy

The procurement and operation of electric commercial vehicles has been part of our daily business for more than four years. Around two years ago, we took another important step towards sustainable mobility for our company.

Sustainable company vehicles underline green logis...

In addition to the commercial vehicles, we also began to gradually replace our employees' company vehicles with electrically powered vehicles. This process initially started with some of the management, where over 50% of vehicles are already electric.

With this initiative, we are consistently implementing our Galliker Green Logistics strategy and extending the goals and measures not only to the operational transport business, but also to the company's extended business areas. As an agile family business, we not only want to set a good example, but are also open to new technologies as an innovative employer and are willing to embrace change in the interests of a sustainable future.

The decision to opt for electromobility in both operational and administrative areas underlines our commitment to environmental protection and resource conservation. We also provide our employees with advice when it comes to implementing sustainable behavior or processes in their own day-to-day work. For example, in areas such as our own solar systems, sustainable energy management at home or in all matters relating to charging processes, including for company vehicles - as these are charged at employees' homes.

Whether by promoting electromobility or other sustainable measures, we want to ensure that our employees receive the information they need to make a contribution to a more environmentally friendly future. Together, we are shaping greener logistics and a more sustainable day-to-day business.

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Sustainable company vehicles underline green logis...

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Sustainable company vehicles underline green logis...

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Sustainable company vehicles underline green logis...

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