Motorcycle transportation: unpacked or in a transport rack

We always transport motorcycles nationally and internationally according to customer requirements - either packed, in a transport rack or loose and unpacked, but already prepared for the end customer. With flexible and safe transportation, we ensure efficient processes right up to the delivery of a vehicle.


Transportation of
motorcycle fleets

Transporting large numbers of motorcycles or motorcycle fleets is no problem for us, thanks to our double-decker trailer combination. If the motorcycles are still packed or secured in transport racks, up to 20 motorcycles can be transported and delivered nationally or internationally in one vehicle.


Individual transportation

If the motorcycles are transported to dealers or customers unpacked and without transport racks, there is no need to return the transport racks. This results in both economic and ecological benefits. There is no need to dispose of the packaging material at the dealers and the dealers receive the motorcycle already unpacked and assembled.

Of course, we also transport packed motorcycles and/or motorcycles parked in a transport rack with our general cargo vehicles.