Lithium Battery Competence Center

In our competence center for high-voltage batteries, experienced experts use innovative technologies to repair and maintain batteries. Our battery warehouse and professional disposal and recycling facilities guarantee long-term use of the batteries and responsible handling of the sensitive ingredients with regard to raw material cycles. Specialized transport options for high-voltage batteries round off the services offered by our competence center.


Specialists for battery repairs

Our specialist staff carry out repair orders from manufacturers, importers and dealers in our workshop, which is specifically equipped for high-voltage battery repairs. Our balancer makes it possible to equalize the voltages in the individual battery cells, while various other insulated tools enable further repairs that may arise in the course of using an electric vehicle.


Battery installation and removal

If your company does not have anyone trained to remove high-voltage batteries, we will be happy to do this for you. Our employees at the Battery Competence Center are trained as level 3 high-voltage mechanics and can remove, repair and reinstall - or replace - batteries on electric vehicles as part of an overall agreement.


Transportation of
high-voltage batteries

If you remove the battery at your premises, we will collect it from you and transport it to our competence center in Altishofen using professional machinery. There it is repaired, stored or transported on for recycling. If it is not possible to remove the battery at the customer's premises, we transport the entire vehicle together with the battery and our specialists remove the battery for further processing.


Value-added cycle of lithium batteries

At the end of the life cycle of a traction battery, the vehicle user can have the electric vehicle disposed of free of charge via the dealer - the fee for professional processing is already included in the purchase price. We accept the removed batteries or the entire electric vehicles on behalf of our customers. We can deliver the removed batteries destined for disposal to our partner company Librec for professional recycling.