Vehicle logistics taken a step further: Everything from a single source

In addition to vehicle transportation and storage, we also take care of customs clearance, vehicle inspections, new vehicle delivery services, vehicle redemption at the road traffic office and vehicle labeling on behalf of our customers.


Pre Delivery Inspection

As part of our PDI services, we carry out an inspection of the vehicles that is individually tailored to the customer's needs - this is how we ensure that there are no defects in the cars or commercial vehicles when they are finally delivered to dealers or customers. Galliker PDI includes maintenance and inspection work on the bodywork, as well as administrative tasks for the delivery and collection of the vehicles on Swiss roads.

  • Washing the vehicles
  • Carrying out detailed checks
  • Affixing stickers
  • Attaching on-board documents
  • Scheduling vehicles
  • Completing form 13.20 / service booklet
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Technical and visual delivery service

We provide vehicles "number-ready" for automobile dealers. We carry out the final cleaning, fill up with fuel, oil and windshield cleaner, charge the vehicle batteries, remove the transport locks and enclose the relevant documents. Finally, the customer vehicles are cleaned and, if desired, polished before they are delivered to the customer open or covered.

  • Vehicle acceptance
  • Functional check
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Vehicle polishing
  • Attaching license plates
  • Creation of documents
  • Tire change & refueling of cars
  • Installation of interior fittings

Special series & conversions on behalf of customers

In addition to reconditioning and minor repairs, we at the Galliker Car Center also carry out conversions and visual modifications to individual and series vehicles on behalf of car importers. This allows us to relieve our customers of a lot of time-consuming minor and detailed work.

  • Vehicle conversions
  • Spoiler installations
  • Rim, wheel and tire service
  • Application of lettering
  • Conversion & retrofitting of interiors
  • Installation of accessories (auxiliary heating, navigation system, parking aids)
  • Installation and removal of reservation systems

Repairs and preparation for resale

Used rental and company vehicles are assessed by our specialist staff and repaired for resale. In consultation with the customer, in addition to cleaning and polishing, we also carry out repairs and conversions - all with subsequent photography in a 360-degree photo studio, both for new cars and refurbished used vehicles. For a professional presentation on online sales portals or other sales channels.

  • Neutral condition analysis
  • Residual value calculations
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Photo documentation in the photo studio

Bodywork & paint shop

Returned rental and leasing vehicles often have bodywork or paint damage. We carry out the necessary repair work on the basis of cost estimates prepared in advance - the Galliker Service Center has state-of-the-art "CaroLack workstations" as well as the "Moonwalk" paint mixer, which can be used to mix paint colors individually.

  • Bodywork
  • Spot Repair
  • Cold pressure technique
  • Repair of hail damage
  • Repairing & replacing windscreens
  • Painting & polishing