Fresh flowers on the store counter every day

The international logistics of flowers and plants has been part of our daily business for over 20 years. Trained employees, state-of-the-art technology such as pick-by-voice systems and continuous temperature checks guarantee careful handling of the transported goods so that delicate cut flowers and plants reach the recipient in top quality.

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Starting in Holland, our transports reach destinations throughout Switzerland. We deliver to the flower markets early in the morning using the X-docking method to ensure that the goods are on the store counter fresh and on time - we process up to 40 full loads for the retail trade every day. Special vehicles with the appropriate interior height are used to safely transport the often high CC trolleys.

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Warehouse for flowers

Every step is carefully planned and executed in our warehouse. Same-day goods receipt and dispatch with complete pallets or EC trolleys ensures efficient processing. During processing, each container is assembled precisely thanks to modern technology - supported by pick-by-voice technology, for example. Temperature-controlled storage is crucial for Galliker Flower Logistics in order to maintain and ensure the quality of the goods throughout the entire process - so that the flowers arrive fresh and appealing to the customer.

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Value Added Services

In addition to the transportation and storage of flowers, we offer other customer-oriented services. From individual packaging solutions to special delivery options - we are at our customers' side to ensure that their needs are met and that the flowers are always perfectly presented. Customs clearance is also part of our daily business in order to relieve the sender and recipient of the flowers in the best possible way.