Network for food logistics in Europe

Galliker is an active partner in the European Food Network and contributes to a Europe-wide range of logistics services. Within the network, we organize general cargo transports for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


Galliker as a partner of the logistics network

Most of the network's partners are independently operating family businesses that have joined forces to form a high-performance logistics network. The partners bundle their logistics services under the umbrella of the European Food Network. The general cargo shipments are delivered to the customer's desired destination within 34 European countries with high frequency, speed and reliability and at fixed times. A total of 23 network members ensure that manufacturers, suppliers and trading companies in the food market have access to a unique network coverage for general cargo transportation within Europe.

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Safe transportation of your products

We at Galliker and all other partners of the European Food Network place the highest value on the safe transportation of your products. In order to meet your expectations of a punctual, complete, damage-free and hygienic delivery of your products, the partners have drawn up a set of rules and have undertaken to comply with the jointly defined quality standards for the transportation of foodstuffs. A consistently transparent flow of goods with the option of tracking and tracing is also ensured throughout Europe.