Logistics for cosmetics and bodycare in Switzerland

The storage and distribution of cosmetics and personal care products require special care - compliance with deadlines and temperature zones is therefore all the more important in the field of bodycare logistics. With us, all compliance with guidelines is always ensured by systems and monitoring, and work such as packaging and customizing is carried out by trained employees.

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We use our national distribution network to deliver cosmetics and body care products throughout Switzerland. Shipments can be made on pallets to wholesalers or, for small consignments, by parcel service to body stores, hairdressers, spas, stores, pharmacies, etc. We pay close attention to adhering to the specified delivery times and the required temperature ranges for the individual products, as the perfect condition of the delicate bodycare products is always our top priority. In particular, certain skin creams or topical cosmetics (make-up) are always stored and transported in an ambient temperature range of 15 - 25 °C.



At Galliker we are ideally equipped to carry out the entire warehousing business of a cosmetics company. Incoming goods with total or partial quantity checks, sampling, storage under the required conditions (temperature, humidity) with FIFO or FEFO, track and trace (including grey market checks), picking orders, preparing delivery bills and organizing deliveries - all these services are part of our standard range of services.


Value Added Services

Thanks to our many years of experience, you benefit from our additional services in the areas of customizing and packaging. Our expertise enables us to implement specific customer requirements in logical, realistic processes: Marketing campaigns or specific requirements for the Swiss market are particularly common in the bodycare sector - this includes, for example, multilingualism and the different execution of certain processes depending on the region.