Certified storage of pharmaceutical and medical products

In order to reliably supply the healthcare system with the necessary pharmaceutical products, correct storage and the resulting flexible, short delivery times are essential.
Thanks to GDP-certified branches, we are able to store medical products in all regions of Switzerland and thus respond quickly and reliably to customer inquiries.


Secure monitoring & specialist staff

We offer our customers throughout Switzerland a comprehensive range of different storage options for medical and pharmaceutical products (including narcotics) in all our GDP-certified branches. In accordance with GDP, access to these warehouses is strictly regulated and temperatures are recorded and monitored in line with regulations. Thanks to our trained staff and advanced IT storage systems, we can guarantee the safety and traceability of every product from receipt to delivery.

  • Physically separated storage areas
  • Block, pallet and high-bay warehouses
  • Shelf and transshipment storage
  • Quarantine, restricted storage, returns zone
  • Different temperature zones, seamless cold chains
  • Temperature tracking