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Fuel surcharge

Here you will find the current "Galliker Dieselfloater"

The diesel price is a central cost factor of a transport company and thus directly affects the transport prices. At the same time, the diesel price is subject to large fluctuations. In order to be able to settle this costs according to current market prices, the transport price includes a variable fuel share (fuel surcharge).

The current fuel surcharge can be read off using the current "Galliker diesel engine". This is updated weekly. The fuel surcharge for the current month is based on the average diesel price of the previous month. The IRU (International Road Transport Union) index serves as a reference. 

The current status of the fuel surcharge can be found in the table below:

Dieselfloater National KW 43 EN

Dieselfloater National KW 43 EN

385 KB, pdf, 1 P., ML

Dieselfloater International KW 43 EN

Dieselfloater International KW 43 EN

386 KB, pdf, 1 P., ML
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