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Wednesday, January 19, 2022 · 12:46 PM

Comprehensive logistics for motorbikes and e-bikes

Galliker offers an all-round service for motorbikes and e-bikes. This includes transport and storage as well as customer-ready delivery services.

New motorbikes are in the best hands with Galliker. Galliker has been providing an all-round service for motorbikes for a wide range of manufacturers for many years. This includes international transport, customs clearance, storage, assembly of individual parts, reconditioning to customer specifications, ready-for-sale delivery service, disposal of packaging materials and delivery to Swiss dealers and end customers. For the assembly and reconditioning of the motorbikes, a new motorbike workshop was put into operation at the beginning of March 2021. In addition to the workshop, a modern paint shop is available for repairs and special requests.

Special transport vehicles

Depending on the quantity of motorbikes and the conditions at the customer's premises, special vehicles are used, designed for the transport of motorbikes. Such trailer trucks are equipped with a double-decker floor and can carry up to 20 bikes - unpacked and without a transport rack. This makes economic and ecological sense, because there is no need to return the transport racks. Dealers save themselves the trouble of assembling the bikes and do not have to dispose of any packaging material. Unloading and delivery are also easier because the bike can be rolled.

Of course, Galliker also delivers motorbikes with the general cargo vehicles. In that case, they are packed or on their way in a transport rack.

A wide range of storage options

The Bike Logistics service also includes warehousing. In keeping with Galliker's philosophy, this is flexible and tailored to customer requirements. Packaged vehicles are stored in block or rack warehouses, while unpackaged vehicles are stored in the motorbike warehouse. The standard warehousing processes include registration of incoming goods, storage and outgoing goods. Thanks to state-of-the-art management systems, total or partial quantity checks of stocks are possible at any time.

New customised special services

Motorbikes are provided ready for customers for dealers throughout Switzerland. This includes various services: Refuelling, level and tyre pressure checks, re-tyring, self-acceptance, checks according to manufacturer guidelines, number plate installation, cleaning and much more. In addition, the importers commission us to carry out conversions and optical modifications on individual and series-produced vehicles. Everything in line with the motto "logistics taken further". 

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