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Saturday, March 28, 2020 · 9:54 AM

Corona Virus: Current situation

Our health has top priority!

The Federal Council is tightening the measures again to contain the corona pandemic. On March 16, he declared the "extraordinary situation" nationwide and imposed the emergency law. Furthermore, a ban on gatherings of more than 5 people has been in force since March 20.

Despite the current crisis situation triggered by the Switzerland-wide lockdown, it is our primary goal that we continue to provide all the transport and logistics services for our customers.

Our credo: We are there for our customers!

Our goal: Protect our staff from infection and maintain our services

The established Pandemic Task Force meets daily to determine the further necessary steps. We are in regular contact with the responsible authorities for this purpose.

Galliker Transport AG is doing its utmost to maintain operations and guarantee supply chains in the future. For this reason, our most important goal is to keep the risk of infection for our employees as low as possible and to protect ourselves as well as possible against the coronavirus.

The following measures have been implemented so far:

  • Distribution of hand disinfectants to all Galliker operations
  • Equipping the international drivers with disinfectants and masks
  • Placement of disinfectant dispensers at important access points with the necessary instructions for all internal and external persons regarding hygiene behaviour
  • Drivers of third-party haulage companies are no longer allowed to enter our buildings
  • Building doors are closed and can only be operated with badge
  • Active control and instruction of the drivers in our areas via porters / checkpoints
  • Obligation to wear masks for drivers of third-party haulage companies in car transport when unloading and for drivers of third-party haulage companies when loading and unloading / securing the load in our buildings
  • Distribution of disinfectants to all of our drivers
  • Company tours are no longer carried out until at least in summer
  • Representation for the quarantine case of executives and operationally important teams is ensured by locally separated workplaces for the deputies or by the local division of workplaces for important teams.
  • In our Italian branches in Melzo and Settimo Torinese, a general protective mask obligation applies.
  • Obligation to wear gloves for employees who often touch objects that are also touched by others.
  • Our customers no longer sign on our drivers' smartphones when they receive goods.
  • Our car logistics drivers wear gloves when handing over the vehicle.

All of these measures are successfully applied and have had the desired effect so far.

We thank you for your understanding for the current situation and for your help in implementing our preventive measures.

On this page we keep you up to date.

Galliker Transport AG

Please observe the following basic rules – professional and private! Thank you

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