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Wednesday, July 28, 2021 · 11:42 AM

Galliker wins Swiss Solar Award

For the second time since 2017, Galliker Transport & Logistics wins the Swiss Solar Award. The award is for the solar power plant on the Car House in Altishofen, it has capacity of 1.97 megawatts. The award is a further recognition of the efforts in the Galliker Green Logistics Mission.

The dimensions are impressive: At the Car House in Altishofen, Galliker Transport & Logistics a solar power plant with an area of 10,200 square meters. The 1.97-megawatt Plant generates 1.76 gigawatt hours of solar power. This output corresponds to 164 percent of the plant's own requirements of the building - more than twice as much as it needs itself. With the surplus 485 electric cars could cover 12,000 kilometers per year. In recognition of the plant Galliker receives the Swiss Solar Award in the category B - PlusEnergyBuildings. The project Car House is a "prime example for climate protection with a CO2-free supply of the building and the transport sector," writes the jury of Solaragentur Schweiz. The award was handed over today, Tuesday, 29th October.

Second solar award after 2017

Completed in 2019, the Car House is one of the largest covered parking in Europe. On seven floors there is a total of 4800 covered parking spaces for new cars. A part of the carports are equipped with charging stations equipped for electric cars. The solar power plant also serves as the roof of the top floor. The Swiss Solar Award has been awarded for 30 years. Already in 2017, Galliker Transport & Logistics, at that time for the Car Terminal in Altishofen. With its 4000- square meter photovoltaic system, it produces 0.528 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. This is also clear more than the building itself needs. Galliker also feeds the surplus into the public Power on. It would be enough to allow 148 electric cars to travel 12,000 kilometers each. Solar power is part of Galliker's concept: For about ten years, the transport and logistics company has been using on all new buildings photovoltaic systems.

Galliker focuses on Green Logistics

"As a responsible family business in its third generation, we commit ourselves to sustainable action and to treat the environment and nature with respect," says Peter Galliker senior. "The fact that we have now received the Swiss Solar Award for the second time is a sign that our efforts are appreciated."

The company has been relying on Green Logistics for years. Recently, it introduced the first hydrogen-powered Trucks taken over. It also operates electric vehicles. The goals of Galliker are ambitious: By 2021 all buildings will be equipped with LED lighting systems. By 2022, all diesel trucks will meet the strictest Euro 6 emissions standard. From 2030, deliveries will be made in cities with CO2-neutral vehicles. Galliker also plans to have 20 percent of the produced solar electricity itself. In 2040, in turn, half of the vehicle fleet is to be alternative drive. The plan for 2050 is that Galliker will be completely CO2-neutral in its is.

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Jul 28, 2021
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