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Monday, September 20, 2021 · 7:10 PM

Green Logistics by Galliker – Beyond Logistics

The first Galliker Green Logistics Day took place on 8th of September. The Galliker family business presented its sustainable transport and logistics solutions and its objectives for the ecological future.

At the loading terminal for combined road-rail transport at Galliker headquarters they shone in the sun: representatives of Gallikers future fleet. The first series Electric truck, a Volvo FL Electric stood next to the new star of the fleet, the Hyundai H2 Xcient. The new trucks symbolises the efforts in Green Logistics, which Galliker presented on Tuesday.

Promise: CO2-neutral by 2050

As a responsible family business, now in its third generation of management, we are committed to act sustainably and to treat the environment and nature with respect. COO and chairman Rolf Galliker presented the goals that the company has set itself. By 2021, all buildings will be equipped with LED lighting systems. 2022 all diesel trucks comply with the strictest Euro 6 emission standard. From 2030, delivery will take place in the cities - City Logistics with CO2-neutral vehicles. Until then Galliker wants to be able to store 20 percent of its own produced solar electricity. In 2040 half of the fleets will have an alternative drive. For 2050 it is planned that Galliker will be completely CO2-neutral on the road.

Actions instead of words

These promises are not empty words, Galliker has been relying on Green Logistics for years. Already since 1995 road and rail transport have been combined. The distribution of goods via the Network with decentralised branches allows a more efficient bundling of the flow of goods. This leads to fewer journeys and consequently to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, Galliker has installed photovoltaic systems on all new buildings over the past ten years, they could supply electricity to around 1860 single-family homes. For new buildings and renovations we also use the latest technological and environmentally friendly products. As a sign of its strategy, the family-owned company presented the new logo for Green Logistics by Galliker with integrated QR code. This leads to a website with current Information about innovations in the field of Green Logistics. Here interested parties will find continuously updated facts about the ecological future of Galliker. With this transparent communication the company wants to create trust.

Rapid development

Back to the vehicle presentation: The new hydrogen truck will be presented in the Galliker- colours on the streets by October 2020. The Volvo FL Electric has been proving its worth since February. But both also show the limits that are currently still being imposed on technology. The hydrogen tanks behind the driver's cab, for example, take up a lot of space, which reduces the transport volume. The electric truck in turn has a limited range - it is between 100 to 200 kilometres. In addition, the payload is lower because of the heavy batteries. Meanwhile progress is rapid, new solutions are on the way. Galliker always wants to be among the first operators. CEO Peter Galliker: "We do not want to jump up later, but to be there from the beginning."

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Sep 20, 2021
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