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Wednesday, January 19, 2022 · 11:49 AM

Vaccine logistics by Galliker

Galliker Transport & Logistics takes over the delivery of the Corona vaccine for 15 cantons. This is based on many years of experience in the field of healthcare logistics.

Source: BioNTech
Source: BioNTech

Healthcare logistics is one of Galliker Transport & Logistics' core competencies since more than 20 years. The Swiss pandemic taskforce is now benefiting from the built-up know-how. Galliker is taking over the fine distribution of the Covid vaccine from Pfizer/Biontec in 15 cantons. Since the end of December, refrigerated delivery vans have been on the road every day throughout Switzerland.

Certified by Swissmedic 

The vaccine must be stored at a temperature of minus 80 degrees and then transported at 5 degrees. It is transported from the Swiss army pharmacy to Galliker, where it is placed in special refrigerators. As required by Swissmedic, the ampoules are stored in a secure building. They are then prepared according to cantonal specifications. They are then delivered in refrigerated vans. The specifications are strict, but for Galliker they are part of daily business. "We have many years of experience with the storage and delivery of pharmaceutical products," says CEO Peter Galliker. That was one of the reasons why the company was awarded for this task. In addition,: "We have all the necessary certifications from Swissmedic."

Storage, picking, delivery

Galliker has been delivering pharmaceutical products throughout Switzerland for two decades. The services include storing medicines, picking them and delivering the ordered quantity to the right place on time. In itself, the distribution of the Covid vaccine would therefore be a routine job. Nevertheless, it is special and is closely observed from various sides. "We are aware of the importance and proud to be able to carry out this important task for the benefit of the Swiss population," says Peter Galliker.

Report "10 vor 10", 17 December 2020

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