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Galliker – Gent

Our RoRo connection between Belgium and Sweden

In Gent we group the goods for the shipment to Scandinavia. The ro-ro (unaccompanied ship traffic) is an environmental-friendly, meaningful and cheap transport solution. Our trailer loaded with goods commute daily on the sea-road between Glent in Belgium and Göteborg, in Sweden.

Our Team in Gent takes care of the displacement and handling of the trailer between the harbours and the logistics centre in Liège. The transport can continue to the other countries in western Europe from the handling platform Liège.

Employees 340 (Galliker International)
Fleet 190 (Galliker International)
  • Cargo Logistics
Railway connection No
  • Complete and partial transport to SE, LUX, CH, IT
  • Ro-Ro traffic Gent – Göteborg
  • Just-in-Time-Trucking inside Gent
  • Warehousing: Cargo Logistics



Galliker Transports NV

Skaldenstraat 122

B-9042 Gent


+32 9 259 10 10


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