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Galliker – Möhlin

Our multifunctional skilled logistics centre in the north

A lot of import goods arrive in Switzerland both on road or by train or by ship from the north.

Our branch in Möhlin is the ideal point of origin for the handling of shipments from abroad but also an ideal point to widespread the goods in the economics active regions of north- western Switzerland. Its own customs office makes imports in our country a lot easier.

In our location in Möhlin there are logistics platforms for goods and foodstuffs. Furthermore thanks to its closeness to the boarder, this is the place where the delivery of fruits and vegetables, cut flowers and plants but also spare parts for a just-in-time service of major car brands can be organized.

Employees 200
Fleet 100
  • Cargo Logistics
  • Food Logistics
  • Flower Logistics
  • Healthcare Logistics
  • Car Logistics
Railway connection Yes
  • Distribution platform for eastern Switzerland
  • Transport and Warehousing, Handling for foodstuffs, healthcare and cargo
  • Skilled centre for Fresh products
  • Customs clearance (ZE, OZL)
  • GDP certified warehouse for healthcare products

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Galliker Transport AG

Bäumlimattstrasse 7

CH-4313 Möhlin


+41 61 855 28 88


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