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Value Added Services

PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)

Together with our customers we can study tailor-cut PDI services.

Galliker PDI includes care, check up of the bodywork and all administratives tasks for the delivery and disclosure of the vehicle on the Swiss road.


  • Washing of the vehicles
  • Detailed check up
  • Removal of stickers
  • Placing of instruction manuals
  • Final preparation of the vehicle
  • Filling of form 13.20 / Service booklet

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Delivery service

We deliver the car dealer with a car ready to be registered. We take car of the final washing, filling up of gasoline, oil and cleaning water, we remove the transport blocks and place the service booklets.

In the end the customer’s vehicle is delivered clean and protected at the dealer’s showroom – and if wished with covered transport.


  • Collection of the vehicle
  • Operative check up
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Plate placing
  • Documents
  • Replacement of wheel rims and filling up

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Special trips

On behalf of the car importer we can adapt and make visual changes to a single or a series of vehicles.

So we spare our customers the burdens of many time stealing fincky activities.


  • Reconstruction of means of transport
  • Mounting of spoilers
  • Services on wheels, spokes and rims
  • Decorations
  • Change or new decorations of interiors
  • Equipment of accessories (webasto/ sat/ radio)
  • Equipment or replacment of reserves

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Restitution of vehicles

Used, rented company vehicles can be evaluated by our expert personnel and estimated for a future sale. If our customer wishes, we can carry out cleaning and washing and also reparations.

Before handing the vehicle to the occasion dealer, we put it under the spotlight of a photographic studio. This service is offered also for new cars or occasion cars. In the end our customers can present the photos on a portal for online sales.


  • Fair analysis of the condition
  • Evaluation of the vehicle
  • Offer for the reparations
  • Photos in a studio

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Bodywork / Varnishing

Returned cars often have undergone bodywork or vernishing damages.

On the basis of the offer for the reparations we can repair the bodywork and varnish the vehicle. Galliker Service centre is equipped with the most modern „CaroLack“ appliance.


  • Body-work tasks
  • Spot Repair
  • Cold pressure technique
  • Removal of hail damages
  • Reparation/ replacement of windscreens
  • painting/ polishing

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