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Galliker Flower Logistics

Every day fresh flowers on the counter


Fresh flowers and plants are delicate goods. Only if transported under a cool temperature and safely, a person can receive them as present and admire their beauty.

Every day we load at the Holland Auction freshly cut flowers for the Swiss market. Flowers and plants are loaded at our specifically equipped site in Möhlin. According to the information received we load the flowers.

As fast as possible we distribute the flowers in single shipments according to the orders and we load a rollcontainer on a cool vehicle. We take the fastest route and deliver the flower buds to the florists’ or big dealers.




According to the order process we either distribute the flowers and plants according to the cross-docking procedure or according to the detailed orders received. The warehouse where orders are executed has to be cleared as soon as possible, as we are dealing with delicate goods and no stock is possible.

Value Added Services

We handle the orders for big customers or for a branch. The order is electronically transmitted to the different branches. Our employees receive the orders, prepare the flowers as commissioned and load them in boxes with water buckets later load them in protective cartoons and then load them on special (EC/CE) trays to be shipped.

A modern pick-by-voice technology supports us in the fast and efficient execution of the orders. The order data are given through wireless “headsets” between our employees and the warehouse managing system without producing paper and through a comfortable communication. This allows our logistics department for flowers to be compliant and open to all the different solution requested by our customers.



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