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European Food Network – Your network for food logistics throughout Europe

Galliker, a trustworthy partner throughout Europe

Galliker is an active partner in the European Food Network, contributing to a Europe-wide range of logistics services. Within the network, we organize part load transports in the Europe.

The partners of the network are mostly independent family businesses, consolidating a high-performing logistics network. The partners are pooling their logistics services under the umbrella of the European Food Network. The part load shipments are being delivered to our customers’ locations of choice in 34 European countries. We operate quickly, reliably, and with high frequency, adhering closely to the set schedule. 23 members in total ensure access to a unique network coverage for part load shipments within Europe for manufacturers, ancillary industries, and commercial enterprises in the food sector.

For us at Galliker, as well as the other partners of the European Food Network, the safe transport of your goods is of the utmost importance. In order to fulfill your expectations toward punctual, complete, undamaged, and hygienic delivery of your products, the partners have established an extensive list of regulations and strictly adhere to these quality standards for the transport of foodstuffs. Furthermore, the network ensures consistent and traceable flow of goods across Europe.

European Food Network

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