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European Food Network

Galliker, a trustworthy partner throughout Europe

We create direct links with your customers – with safety. The European food network - also thanks to a collaboration with carefully selected logistics partners in Europe – represents a well-organized and smoothly functioning distribution network.

In 21 countries the EFN partners offer a flexible and customer-oriented service offer. Not only can our customers rely on a varied shipping performance with precise delivery times but also can they profit from a supplementary information service belonging to the vivengo family.

The European food network is a European distribution network for foodstuffs which complies with the specific standards defined by each country therefore can offer constantly high performance levels. This network groups the innovative force but also the skill and professionalism of twelve logistics partners. The cooperation is established only with family-run and owned companies. All the partners of the network are located in vital European sites and are professionals in the shipment of cool and non-cool foodstuffs.

A common working procedure is the common premises for a collaboration and provides the basis for the use of the same procedure, IT and hygiene standards as to reliability and continuity.

A particularly innovative tool is the Product Pilot. Entering all the frame data (country features, activity field and ZIP code), the web-based software shows the product lines available and the compliant delivery times for all the requested routes.

An outlook at the pros:

  • Daily traffic
  • Skills based on experience
  • Common standards
  • Transparent goods flow / smooth shipping
  • Widespread presence

› You can find more information on the European foodnetwork here

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