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Galliker Frigo Logistics

Our own distribution network with logistics at below zero temperatures.

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Every shipment reaches Galliker cool centres from Switzerland and different European countries by train or truck. Our national distribution network grants our customers high transport flexibility and short delivery times. In addition to the road shipping we offer a railway shipment for complete loads using containers. Once the shipment reaches one of our ideal located branch, our fleet takes care of delivering the goods to the end customer.

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The transport of cool goods is delicate and subject to temperature control. Thanks to our GPS-surveillance we can check the temperature of the loaded goods directly from the cabin and from the central facility.

Galliker distribution network

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Modern facilities grant a smooth cool chain. Loading platforms with air conditioned systems, air conditioned loading areas or temperature control thanks to automatic information warnings help our employees with their job. We not only offer the traditional services of goods acceptance, warehousing and good shipment but also a vide range of services for loading and downloading of containers or customs clearance procedures.

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Most of the volumes are stocked in multilevel shelves with 6 completely automatic shelves equipments. According to the handling frequency or pallet management we also use traditional shelves or block shelves. Our cool warehouse is run “chaotic“ according to the FIFO (First In First Out) / FEFO (First Expired)- principles.

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Value Added Services

By using the most modern technologies like pick-by-voice systems we can perform services even in warehouses at the lowest temperatures. Thanks to the pick-by-voice systems our employees use an acoustic communication (microphone/headphones) to transmit the information to our warehouse IT system and thus have both hands free.

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The professional cold logistics service is enriched by a wide reange of additional services, like labelling, packing in special forms of frozen products.

Data and facts:

  • Multi level shelves with 16‘000 pallet places
  • 2‘000 pallets places at Galliker’s branches
  • Different blocks and shelves
  • Warehouse handling of 4000 – 5000 pallets per week
  • Detailed orders of pallets or rollcontainer of more than 5000 items per week
  • Handling of complete loads 600 – 1000 pallets daily

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