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Galliker- driving school

Our „Junior driver- smithy“ at our own place

Learning possibilities at Galliker’s for professional EC drivers

We offer young talents and willing people the possibility of a job training for their education as a professional EC driver.

Our professional team of teachers in our Galliker school take care of offering an efficient and valuable education as young driver.

The infrastructures needed for this education are in Altishofen. An educational centre, school rooms, theory rooms, PC room, demonstrative models, driving school means of transport and trucks, nothing is missing.

You can apply too! Here are the steps to become Galliker driver

  • Training and employment as BE driver
  • Practical and theoretical training for a licence cat. C
  • Full wage during the period
  • Practice on one of Galliker’s trucks after the EC: goods / food / fold logistics / automotive transports
  • Final training to get the CZV Swiss certification
  • The training is free of charge
  • We only ask you to work for Galliker as driver for at least 3 years

Galliker’s profile to become driver:

Voluntary application as Galliker junior- driver

Apply voluntarily for your road to aim at dream profession!

> Your voluntary apllication as junior-driver

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