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Human beings in the middle

Motivated employees deliver the energy for the „Galliker Spirit“

A family company culture

We want to reach our goals together. This is the reason why we care for the promotion of a cooperative family culture with short decision processes and a decision –oriented drive.

Our managers lend a sympathetic ear to our employees’ suggestions, requests and advice. Our attitude gets people involved.

No formalities at Galliker’s.

A company culture with drive

We choose direct ways, easy procedures, simple and transparent solutions.

Instead of speaking of problems we speak of tasks. Instead of saying „yes but“ we say „why not“.

This attitude helps us to gather our energies into a positive directions.

Esteem and trustn

Reciprocal esteem and trust create a positive working clime.

We behave as partners and support one another. So reciprocal respect, tolerance and an attitude to helping one another are important.

We want to be a winning team –
together we are unbeatable.

Long lasting incentives for our employees

The incentives for our employees build the basis for an heterogeneous, future-oriented and successful Galliker Team.

We can count on a large number of people who grew inside our company and became managers. 

The best possible condition framework

We create the best possible condition framework for our daily job.

Therefore we rely on well inspected means of transport, modern equipment and suitable infrastructures and a lot more.

Cleanliness, order, good organization and a neat corporate design create a strong identification of the employees at Galliker with the company itself.

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