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Galliker Group quality policy

Galliker Group quality policy

Galliker Transport AG is focused on the management of national and international logistics and transport activities in the fields of both Car, Cargo and Food Logistics. We would like to excel in these fields thanks to the best infrastructures, up-to-date facilities and modern means of transport as well as constant optimizing processes and constant innovation.

This is the reason why we concentrate on:

Customer-oriented attitude

We orientate our service performance at the market needs and we try to offer innovative, efficient and if sensible, customized shipment and logistics solutions. Hence we attach an uppermost importance to the evaluation of cost-use ratio. We aim at building long-lasting collaborations with our customers.

Motivated collaborators

We commit to improve our employees’ skills through a further education so that we can increase our personnel’s quality awareness. A constant demand on our employees and thus an engagement in apprentices’ education should be the basis for a committed and performing Galliker family.

Care for the environment and for costs

Galliker Transport AG operated in compliance with the economics guidelines, so aware of costs and aiming at performance. Therefore we commit ourselves to operate with a green awareness and thus building and planning energy-saving infrastructures, investing on up-to-date technologies for the means of transports as well as evaluating and using efficient and environmental-friendly transport systems. Hence we want to operate in compliance with ISO 14001 provisions and EnAW official CO2- emissions agreement to improve constantly our green core.

Living ethics

We want to be trustworthy, correct, fair, serious and honest both to our employees, our customers, our suppliers, authorities and society in order to stick to the company’s good reputation.

The concept of a family company

Galliker family are the owner and the responsible for the company so they feel committed to taking strategic and organizational decisions aimed at the successful long-lasting management of a 90-year-old family tradition and not only at the short-run thinking on profit gains. At Galliker’s we think in terms of generations not of “terms”.

Quality at the highest levels

We want to become the best in Europe as to a market-oriented and complete range of services. In order to achieve and maintain these standards we stick to the following principles:

Quality assurance

Management systems in compliance with ISO 9001 / 14001 assure a transparent, neat and goal-oriented working procedures.

Food safeness

We attach a particular value to hygiene, cleanliness, order. We can fulfil all the needs required by the handling of the cool chain with no gaps and smoothly in compliance with the strictest ISO 22000 provisions.

Working safeness

Complying with EKAS provisions and recommendations and adhering to them, we take care of providing safe working places.

quality policy

quality policy


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