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Galliker Group quality policy

As a transport and logistics company operating at national and international level, Galliker Transport AG focuses on its core businesses Car, Cargo, Food and Healthcare Logistics. In each of these areas we aim at being among the best by providing good infrastructures, advanced systems, modern vehicles as well as fully optimized processes and a constant drive to innovation. We direct our efforts to the following elements:

Customer orientation – Beyond logistics

We align our services to the needs identifi ed on the market and we aim at offering added value and benefi ts to our customers by providing them with innovative, effi cient and, if reasonable, customized transport and logistics solutions. In this we attach great importance to achieving the best cost/benefi t ratio. Our target is to create a long-term and cooperative relationship with our customers.

Family Enterprise

The Galliker family, as owner and guarantor of the company, feels committed to taking all strategic and organizational deci- sions with the purpose of continuing the almost 100-years old successful family tradition and not simply of achieving short- term profi t. We think in terms of generations rather than in terms of quarterly results.

Motivated employees

We offer our personnel thorough and suitable training to support their professional advancement and promote their awareness of quality. We promote the long-term advancement of our employ- ees, starting from the systematic training of our apprentices, as a means of creating the roots of our committed and motivated Galliker team.

Lived ethics

Towards employees, customers, suppliers, the authorities and the public we wish to act in a loyal, credible, straightforward and honest manner and with integrity, thereby preserving our com- pany‘s good reputation. Our company culture is characterised by respect, appreciation and fairness.

Profi tability and environment

Galliker Transport AG acts according to economic principles – cost-conscious and performance-oriented. For this, we pro- mote ecological awareness by planning and building function- al and energy-saving infrastructures, by investing in advanced vehicle technologies and by evaluating and installing effi cient and eco-friendly transport systems. At the same time we wish to give proof of our improved standards and to act conforming to the law by engaging in continuous improvement processes under the ISO 14001 guidelines and in binding CO 2 agreements.

Highest quality

We want to become the best in Europe as to a market-oriented and complete range of services. In order to achieve and maintain these standards we stick to the following principles:

Quality assurance

Management systems in compliance with ISO 9001 / 14001 assure a transparent, neat and goal-oriented working procedures.

Food safeness

We attach a particular value to hygiene, cleanliness, order. We can fulfil all the needs required by the handling of the cool chain with no gaps and smoothly in compliance with the strictest FSSC 22000 provisions.

Working safeness

Complying with EKAS provisions and recommendations and adhering to them, we take care of providing safe working places.

quality policy

quality policy


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