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Galliker Group quality policy

As a family-owned enterprise with a long tradition in transport and logistics, we aspire both nationally and internationally to rank among the best in our core businesses Car, Cargo, Food and Healthcare Logistics. Our guiding principle «Galliker – beyond logistics» shows that we wish to go even further and set new standards on the market by means of dedicated employees, best infrastructures, clean vehicles and continuously optimised processes. We direct our efforts to the following aspects:

Customer focus

We align our services to the needs identified on the market and we aim at offering added value to our customers by providing them with innovative, efficient and, if reasonable, customised transport and logistics solutions. In this we attach great importance to achieving the best cost/benefit ratio. Our target is to create cooperative and long-term relationships with our customers.

Family Enterprise

The Galliker family, as owner and guarantor of the company, feels committed to taking all strategic and organizational decisions with the purpose of successfully continuing the over 100-years old family tradition and not simply of achieving short-term profit. We think in terms of generations, not quarterly results.

Dedicated employees

We aspire via targeted training to support our staff’s individual professional advancement and to increase their awareness of quality. A mindset of providing continued support to our employees and well-founded apprenticeships in all our professional segments lies at the basis of the motivated and committed Galliker family.

Lived ethics – Code of conduct

Towards our employees, customers, suppliers, the authorities and society we act in a trustworthy, correct, straightforward and honest manner and with integrity, thereby preserving our company‘s good reputation. This is what Galliker’s Code of Conduct stands for. We select our business partners by the same criteria.

Healthy environmental awareness

We are a responsible family enterprise and are committed to acting sustainably and to treating the environment and nature with respect. We focus on energy-effi cient infrastructures and on alternative vehicle technologies and we support environmentally friendly transport and logistics concepts. With our Green Logistics programme, we aim at continuously and provably reducing the detrimental effects on the environment and the consumption of non-renewable resources.

Highest quality

We adopt optimal processes in order to achieve reliable results in all areas. For this purpose, we adhere in particular to the following principles:

Quality assurance

Certified management systems provide for transparent, systematic, targeted processes and their continuous optimisation.

Product safety

We align our systems to the requirements of our clients and of the legislator as to the safety of food, medicine and medical products and also other goods like non-food items and vehicles. In this context, hygiene, cleanness and order are particularly important to us. We aim to comply with the highest requirements over the entire unbroken cold chain and also with the GDP and GMP rules in Healthcare Logistics. We also guarantee GFSI standards in food logistics.

Work safety

Our staff‘s safety and health are one of our highest priorities. Accordingly, we adhere to the offi cial guidelines for work safety. Furthermore, with our in-house GoSafe concept we strive to continuously and sustainably reduce the number of accidents and to enhance the individual‘s perception of security.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

quality policy

quality policy


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