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Galliker – Settimo Torinese

Crossdocking-Plattform in Piemont

Since 2013 we have been operating with an efficient cross-docking platform near Turin for grouping and sending goods to the northern countries.

Goods from all over Italy are collected in our logistics basis in Settimo and sent north across the Alps through collection trailers. Daily shipment allow flexible and trustworthy service delivered in time.

Employees 340 (Galliker International)
Fleet 190 (Galliker International)
  • Cargo Logistics
Railway connection Nein
  • Complete and partial transport to CH, LUX, BE, FR, SE
  • X-Docking Plattform
  • Distribution Italy (Cargo)

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Settimo Torinese (Torino)

Galliker Logistica SRL

Via E. De Nicola 23

I-10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)


+39 011 8010512

+39 011 8010512



Galliker Transport Logistik 2splitPicture 057


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