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Galliker – Staad

A self owned terminal and solar centre in eastern Switzerland.

The capillary distribution for eastern Switzerland is organized in Staad. A long-lasting collaboration as well as a good link to the local economy make our branch on lake Constance an important supporting point in Galliker network.

The loading of the containers or the shift of wagons can be done directly in the terminal owned by the company thanks to a grab crane. Since its acquisition the number of placed wagons has increased steadily.

In 2012 the first of eleven solar plants were installed in the seat in Staad. The photovoltaic plants produce energy for ca. 150 households (530‘000 kWh) and it is part of a long-lasting green strategy.

Employees 45
Fleet 21
Activity Fields
  • Cargo Logistics
  • Food Logistics
  • Frigo Logistics
  • Healthcare Logistics
Railway connection Yes
  • Distribution platform for eastern Switzerland
  • GDP certified warehouse for healthcare products
  • Warehouse under different temperature ranges
  • Packaging
  • Education of logistics employees in compliance with the Swiss EFZ certification

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Galliker Transport AG

Knotternstrasse 9

CH-9422 Staad SG


+41 71 868 64 00

+41 71 868 64 80

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Galliker Transport AG · Kantonsstrasse 2 · CH-6246 Altishofen · Tel. +41 62 748 80 80
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