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Galliker – Conthey

Optimal strategical point in Wallis.

Logistics for tourism and in the mountainous area of the Canton Wallis bring about special challenges. A difficult topography, a lot of vales, heavy snowfalls, huge volume changes according to the season etc…

Our team of local experts in Conthey are ready to deal with these challenges the best they can. Thanks to a suitable fleet we can deliver the customers of touristic centres and all mountainous villages in time and with a best service quality.

Our logistics centre in Conthey offers a warehouse surface under different temperature ranges. This platform is part of Galliker distribution network allowing distribution even at night both on the road and by train.

Employees 29
Fleet 17
  • Cargo Logistics
  • Food Logistics
  • Frigo Logistics
Railway connection Yes
  • Distribution platform Wallis
  • Warehouse under different temperature ranges
  • Daily deliveries throughout Wallis

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Galliker Transports SA

6, rte de l'industrie

CH-1964 Conthey


+41 27 345 20 60

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