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Saturday, May 15, 2021 · 9:32 AM

Insight into the transport and logistics industry

Logistics, that's Galliker's world. But what exactly is meant by logistics, what is behind this? A new exhibition in the Swiss Museum of Transport provides an insight. Galliker Transport & Logistics has contributed an interactive miniature model.

Ordering food for home delivery on the Internet: Nothing easier than that. In the background, however, the final mouse click triggers an elaborate process. Welcome to the world of logistics! The new exhibition "Experience Logistics!" at the Swiss Museum of Transport provides an insight into this world. Various players have contributed to it, including Galliker Transport & Logistics. The contribution of the company from Altishofen: a 2.5 x 5 metre miniature model including distribution centre, moving freight trains and trucks - Galliker's first electric truck is on its way on this, as is the pioneering hydrogen truck, which will join the fleet this year.

From storage to transport

Goods and merchandise circulate globally, without logistics not much moves. This is where the main exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport comes in. It shows processes in logistics. From sortingand picking, from storage and distribution to transport and delivery. In addition, visitors can find out about the many and varied professional worlds that lie behind them. The Corona crisis has delayed the planned opening, and since 11 May the Swiss Museum of Transport has once again beenopen and thus also the new main exhibition. Covid 19 not only impaired its launch, but also documented the importance of functioning logistics."The companies in the transport and logistics sector have made a significant contribution in recent weeks to ensuring that there were hardly any delivery bottlenecks," says Peter Galliker, CEO of Galliker Transport AG. "Once again it has been shown how important a functioning logistics system is."

On the road with the "Petit Chauffeur"

In the centre of Galliker's interactive miniature model is a distribution centre. Here, visitors gain an insight into a high-bay warehouse. In the adjacent terminal, they can watch how containers are loaded from trains onto trucks. Using a joystick, they control video cameras and inquire further details. Touchscreens provide background information. In addition, there are animation films projected directly into the model, which accompany the "Petit Chauffeur" at work. Among other things, the petit chauffeur delivers medication to a hospital, brings a guitar to a music festival and reflects during the break on the future of his professional world. Altishofen becomes a "logistics valley", which is connected to futuristic Lucerne via a "cargo hyperloop". This new transport system is not a pipe dream, but is already being tested in Dubai. Films, moving models, cameras and lots of additional information: All this helps to understand the fascinating world of logistics - and thus the everyday life of Galliker Transport AG.

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May 15, 2021
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