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Parts Logistics

Any spare part delivered just-in-time to the dealer

We deliver the needed spare parts for major car brands to the dealers and garages throughout Switzerland. Complex technology and fast changing models lead to a wide variety of stock articles and a lot of time stolen to dealers to keep up with the stock. This is the reason why it is increasingly important that the parts are available quickly without burdening the garage dealer with a stock of parts.

In order to fulfil these needs we keep the parts in our warehouse as central stock warehouse and we put the warehouse on wheels thanks to our cross-docking procedures.

Very short delivery times – from order to delivery – are an extremely big challange in the logistics of spare parts.

Our logistics services for spare parts

  • Central warehousing and distribution
  • Just-in-time- delivery
  • Overnight-service
  • Tinely survaillance of the stock

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The transport of the requested spare starts with a daily collection at the production plants or central warehouse both in the country or abroad. We fulfuil the different importer’s requests for the delivery to the dealers in Switzerland.

The day before the parts ordered are collected then shipped at night throughout Switzerland and the day after they are delivered thanks to our distribution platforms. This is the way we handle spare parts at Galliker’s, our delivery fleet can grant the shortest delivery time possible to deliver the garage dealer of the needed parts.

If desired, we can take care of supplying the garage dealer more than once a day.

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We run and manage a central warehouse for spare parts on behalf of some car producer brands for the Swiss market. The warehouse is delivered daily from the different European producers.

The warehousing deliveries and orders are run according to the dealers requests directly through our system. The deliveries are carried out daily by Galliker fleets on fixed distribution tours throughout Switzerland.

ZSuch a concept of central warehousing offers the customers the highest flexibility and at the same time very short delivery times.

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Value Added Services

The orders of spare parts are ordered on the basis of an order list (= one per vehicle). Each box contains the parts relevant for that order. The consignee (dealer) doesn’t waste any time looking for the parts needed for a specific vehicle.

The mechanic can start to work on the vehicle earlier, the customer can receive the vehicle back faster.

This Win-Win is a typical value added service solution offered by Galliker to realize a service-oriented thought.

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