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One of the jigshow parts on the way to the patients’ recovery

International transports

Thanks to the decentralised Galliker network we can easily collect all that is needed for the Swiss market. Regardless if it is national or international, by train or truck. We grant our customers to keep a smooth cool chain under the different temperature conditions (from -18 C to+25 C).

As we feel part of the general process we also feel the big responsibility for the shipment of pharmaceutical products and medical equipments. Reliability and a sense of duty are the conditions under which we would like to carry out this task. And this very same attitude is attached to our customers’ wishes.

National trasport

The handling platforms and warehouse spaces in all Galliker branches are Swissmedic certified for the handling of healthcare products. This is the reason why we can ship and distribute successfully relying on a reliable, owned distribution network.

Regardless if it is about a fixed delivery term or an express shipment. We always comply with the GDP- provisions and terms. All this allows us to be highly flexible as to our customers’ needds and grant a high quality level for all the services offered.

Galliker distribution network

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